Meet the Team

Talia Farrell-Rosen


Talia grew up in Virginia and earned her degree in Clinical/Community Psychology and Spanish from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

She believes that everyone–regardless of their background–deserves a quality higher education. Her passion for increasing access to higher education in the United States led her to co-founding ÜChange Scholars. Besides her involvement in ÜChange Scholars, Talia works as project manager for the Youth, Emotion, Development, and Intervention (YEDI) Lab at University of Illinois. She is excited to use her project management skills to help ÜChange Scholars grow and help high school students from all over the country achieve their college dreams.

Jenna Mukametkan


Jenna grew up in Almaty, Kazakhstan and moved to the United States to pursue a better education at the age of 15. She had always dreamt about getting accepted into an American university to create a better future for herself and that is why she is passionate about helping other students to dream big. Jenna’s desire to share the knowledge accumulated during her time of applying to colleges with high school students is what led her to co-found Üchange Scholars.

Jenna is currently pursuing a dual degree in Accounting and Information Systems at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She hopes to use her business background to help Üchange Scholars grow and become a successful non-profit organization that helps high school students achieve their goals.

Michael Farrell-Rosen

Head of Research

Michael is a freshman at Brown University concentrating in Political Science and Economics. Michael is passionate about Üchange Scholars because he learned through his own experience the pitfalls and challenges in the college application process, and wants to make it less stressful for others. As Head of Research, his focus is developing organizational tools for the mentors and mentees through the college application process. 

Kristine Xie

Head of Marketing

Kristine is a sophomore at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign majoring in Marketing and Strategic Business Development and Entrepreneurship. Kristine is from Peoria, Illinois, and she’s passionate about pairing mentees with mentors because this sort of relationship provides such insight that can’t be found elsewhere. As the Head of Marketing for Üchange Scholars, she spearheads all content creation and distribution in order to increase the startup’s awareness.

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